About Half of Us

The Cause

Cancer hardly needs an introduction, it’s the horrendous ‘C’ word which has become an increasingly prominent aspect of Australian life. The Cancer Council, Australia’s key non-government organisation to combat the issue, estimates that 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. In 2010, more than 43,000 people were estimated to have died due to cancer, equating to approximately 118 family, friends and loved ones each day.

Who are we?

‘Half of Us’ is in its first year and is a project initiated by Karan Singh and Ashleigh Leech. The name ‘Half of Us’ stems from the statistic that 1 in 2 of us will be diagnosed and more personally, that one out of the two of us has been diagnosed with cancer. In late 2009, Karan was diagnosed with advanced Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which he has since overcome.

The Project

With great admiration gained for the roles the Cancer Council plays including but not limited to research, support and raising awareness, we were compelled to hold an event this year in association with their national day of fund-raising, Daffodil Day.

Karan, an illustrator, runs a side project called, ‘The Daily Quickies’, where he creates a illustration every weekday within an hour or less. The ongoing project has since run for over 20 weeks equating more 100 illustrations and has gained a growing stream of visitors each day. From this, the idea of carrying out an illustration marathon for Daffodil Day came about. Our objective is to create 12 illustrations in 12 hours, prints of which will be sold in order to raise funds. The marathon is to be held on Saturday, 27th August 2011 from 9AM until 9PM in Melbourne Australia.

Expert Website Design Melbourne

Website Design Melbourne

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Quality Website Design Melbourne

What To Look For In Quality Website Design Melbourne

Not all website design firms are built alike, especially ones that focus on a particular geological area. Website design Melbourne based needs to include a team of designers who are aware of how to use SEO strategies that will attract an audience specifically for Melbourne-based businesses. This means that a team of designers focus website design Melbourne based, not just based over all of the areas of the world.

Quality Website Design Melbourne Characteristics

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Social media team

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Keyword analysis

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Easy to work with

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